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This website has been created to inform you of a class action lawsuit pending in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles before the Honorable William F. Highberger entitled Verdejo v. Vanguard Piping Systems, Inc., Case No. BC448383 ("the Litigation"). The parties have settled the Litigation and the settlement was approved and judgment entered. This website details how the settlement may affect your legal rights and your options if you are a Class Member.

Plaintiffs allege they have suffered injuries and damages arising out of alleged defects in certain brass potable water plumbing system fittings or other components and sub-components used in potable water plumbing systems made from UNS C36000, UNS C37700, UNS C36500 brass, or similar copper alloys with a zinc content of 15+% designed, manufactured, and/or distributed by Vanguard Piping Systems, Inc., VG Pipe LLC, Viega LLC, or any and all of their current or former related subsidiaries, parent companies, sister companies, and affiliates ("Viega Brass Fittings"). The fittings include Vanguard PEX plumbing system fittings, sometimes referred to as Vanguard F1807 fittings or Vanguard yellow brass fittings. Viega and Vanguard brass fittings made of UNS C69300 or C87850 brass are not included.

Plaintiffs allege the Viega Brass Fittings are inadequate or of poor or insufficient quality or defective. Plaintiffs further allege such Viega Brass Fittings were distributed or sold by Vanguard or Viega (collectively, "Viega").

Viega denies all of the material allegations made by Plaintiffs and denies any wrongdoing or liability of any kind. Among other things, Viega maintains that the Viega Brass Fittings are of high quality and do not violate any standard or law. Viega asserts it has, at all times, complied with all applicable federal and state laws.

Accordingly, neither this website nor the settlement reflect an admission by Viega that there is a defect in any of the Viega Brass Fittings or that it violated any law or rights of any person covered by the Notice.

This site provides the following information:

The settlement and its terms are set forth in the Agreement and its associated exhibits, found on the Court and Reference Documents page. Other informational summaries found on this website do not change the terms of the settlement or any requirements that may be applicable to you.


The Court granted final approval of the Settlement Agreement at a Fairness Hearing on September 17, 2014. The Court's judgment may be viewed here.

Please carefully review the information on this website for answers to questions you may have. Please do not call the Court, Viega, or Viega's counsel with questions about the settlement.