Viega Brass Fittings

Examples of the plumbing parts covered by the settlement ("Viega Brass Fittings") look like the following:

Uninstalled Tee V
Installed Tee V
Uninstalled Adapter V
Uninstalled Elbow VPSI
Uninstalled Viega Fittings

NOTE: Not all Viega Brass Fittings are marked with a "V" or "VPSI." Several manufacturers made fittings sold by Vanguard and Viega, but may have also manufactured fittings sold by competitors. Examples of fittings that may have been sold by Vanguard or Viega include:

Unintalled Tee (Marshall Brass)
Uninstalled Transitional (Marshall Brass)
Uninstalled Tee (Giacomini)
Installed Transitional (AH-U)
Uninstalled Tee (Comap)

If you believe you have Viega Brass Fittings, it is important that you submit any and all evidence in support of your claim. Please carefully review the Claim Form for examples of documents (e.g., invoices) and other materials that may help you to determine whether you have Viega Brass Fittings or other types/brands of fittings that are not covered by this settlement.

If you are making a Useful Life Claim under Part C of the Claim Form, and you are not submitting the fitting and pipe themselves, you must submit photographs that show all markings on the fittings, which fittings are secured by a black annealed copper crimp ring to Vanguard/Viega branded PEX pipe. Some examples include:

AH-U Tee Fitting Secured to PEX by Black Annealed Copper Crimp Ring
AH-U Transitional Fitting Secured to PEX by Black Annealed Copper Crimp Ring
Viega PEX Pipe
Vanguard Vanex PEX Pipe

Non-Viega Brass Fittings

Many fittings look alike and, as noted above, in some instances, the same manufacturers supplied Viega Brass Fittings to Viega and similar-looking brass fittings to other manufacturers. Examples of fittings that might be confused with but that are NOT Viega Brass Fittings include the following:

Uninstalled Zurn QPEX Tee
Uninstalled Zurn QPEX Elbow
Installed Rehau Elbow
Installed Rehau Tee
Uninstalled Rehau Elbow
Uninstalled Rehau Tee
Installed Uponor-Wirsbo Elbow
Installed Uponor-Wirsbo Tee
Uninstalled Uponor-Wirsbo Elbow
Uninstalled Uponor-Wirsbo Tee
Installed RTI Fitting #2
Uninstalled RTI P-PEX Tee